Compassion Program for Hospice Patients and the Terminally Ill
The Give Back Life Compassion Program is a no cost pre-screening program that allows patients, families, and healthcare providers to know with certainty if a donor meets current research criteria before the time of passing. This gives your family peace of mind when it’s needed most.
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How Does the Compassion Program Work?

·      The patient must be under hospice care or terminally ill.

·      The patient, family, or healthcare provider may initiate the Compassion Program process by calling Give Back Life.  A pre-screen will be performed by a knowledgeable Family Services representative to determine if the patient meets criteria for current research or training programs.

·      Once a determination has been made, Give Back Life will work with the donor, legal next of kin, and/or healthcare provider to complete as much of the donation paperwork as legally allowed. This reduces the process for the next of kin and healthcare provider at the time of the patient’s passing.

·      At the time of passing, a minimal number of follow-up questions will be asked and any remaining legally required paperwork will be finalized. Give Back Life Association will arrange for transportation, cremation, and the return of the cremated remains. The family typically receives cremated remains within 6-8 weeks.