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How Does the Body Donation Process Work?

Donating Your Body To Science

We have made the procedure for donating your body to Give Back Life simple for your loved ones or caregivers at a difficult time.

·         It starts with a short medical screening at the time of passing to determine if there is a match with current research criteria.

·         If under hospice care or terminally ill, this medical screening can be done ahead of time through our Compassionate Program: A Guarantee for Hospice Patients.

·         We then coordinate and/or confirm proper, legal authorization is on file.

·         Upon acceptance, Give Back Life Association will coordinate donor transportation to a Body Donation Facility.

·         The tissue is recovered and used for a variety of medical research and education projects, such as training surgeons on the latest medical advancements.

·         The tissue not used for research is cremated or buried and available for return within 6 - 8 weeks.